Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Tropical Paradise!

I'm at home today with what seems to be a work bug...blah! But no worries with that, let's get back to cruising! It probably seems crazy that we didn't take any shore excursions, but they all seemed to be so lengthy, and we really thought we could see things on our own (we were wrong). But Roatan proved to have scenic views beyond the touristy port, with a small beach for cruisers. We were lucky enough to be the only ship in three of four ports that we visited this trip, so that was a real bonus!

The view from the ship! The first place we had seen with hills! Now THIS is what I'm talkin' bout!

I see my beach chair from here! We headed back to the cabin to don bathing suits for our stay on the island, even though the weather wasn't looking too promising.

As I zoomed in for a closer pic before we left the ship, I saw the nets up around the perimeter to keep out sea I'm REALLY happy! And it's brightening up a bit : )

Lovely! The port shops had lots of things made from...yep, mahogany! Go figure!

We took the "Magic Chair" lift from the shops to the beach. Sure, we could've walked, but since we didn't buy any excursions, we figured this was kinda close. Hey, Lee & Bev!

Ahhhh, look at all those empty chairs! There is such an advantage to being the only ship in for the day!

Time to try the locals! Well, you know, not "try" the locals, I'm sure they put up with plenty...we just wanted beer! These were good!

So were these! There's not many beers that wouldn't taste great served right to your deck chair on the beach, right?

Soaking up the...ultra violet rays, pretty much. The sun was trying so hard to stay out, but just couldn't.

Uh oh, this doesn't look good. But look at that beautiful blue water! I added a rock from here to my collection. (Thanks for the fabulous idea, Linda!)

Lee got this fantastic pic of the storm "rolling in"! Too late, we got soaked!

Now we could have any chair we liked! This was under cover at Fat Tuesdays, just like the one in Cozumel. And Costa Maya. And probably ever other tourist port.

 We grabbed some grub, and I think this was the best chips 'n salsa I've ever eaten (coulda been the beer, though). The pico de gallo/salsa was really good, though, Jack actually drank what was left in the bowl! He's fun : )

Time to Magic Chair-it back to the ship. Errr, maybe this was on the way there...anyway, we took the ride back, and the view was still lovely, even in the drizzle.

This was our last formal night. Aren't they an adorable/handsome couple?!

These two on the other hand.... We love dressing up. And taking pictures. And eating yummy dinners. And having cocktails. Aww, heck, what's not to love?!

One more day, then we're back home. *sigh*

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