Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 2: On Our Own a/k/a Let's Do As Much As Possible in One Day!

Thursday, June 9

Doris and I had ALL day to explore London! So we each packed our little backpack with a bottle of water, an umbrella and a few other essentials, and once again headed for the tube.

Our hotel, the Millenium-Copthorne at the Chelsea Football Club. A cute little English UF student sat beside me on the plane ride across the pond. He said the Chelsea area was "posh" and I would love it. He was right!

Uh uh, not the London Bridge, The Tower Bridge. According to our local guide the next day, a gentleman who bought a different bridge thought he was buying this one. Burned!

The entrance to the Crown Jewels. I pulled my camera out at one point, and asked the young girl behind me if we could take pictures, since I didn't see a sign. I forgot, not everyone speaks English. She just looked bewildered as I began "signing" Can we take pic-tures? -_- No, we couldn't.

I wanted to save this pic for my "fun signs" post, but it's very important to convey this message on day two. If this was not written on the ground at every intersection, there would be injured/dead tourists littering the streets.

Aren't these the coolest?! I wanted to take a taxi ride just to get my picture taken in one! I really should have...

The backside of St. Paul's Cathedral. Imagine our amazement when we got to the front! We caught the last tour of the day : ) Amazing!

The transit cop curiously asked why we wanted to go to SoHo when I asked for directions; when we got there I starting snapping great stuff like this. Right past here, we rounded the corner and entered a very campy part of town! Guess the "Dog and Duck" pub I wanted to go to was famous for various reasons! ; ) I didn't see that it was listed under "Night Life". Ooops.

Doris wasn't thrilled with my call for dinner, so we turned back toward Leicester Square and I had the fish & chips and mushy peas that I was dying for!  Fan-tas-tic!!! We met a nice fellow named Denis from Belfast who bought us our first of quite a few Jamesons during the trip!

We stopped in this little gem of a market on the way back to the hotel to browse. It contained a bakery, deli, barber, market, butcher and a cheese & wine store. If you paid an extra £5, you could sit in the cafe and drink the wine that you bought from them! That's it, I'm moving here!

So ends day two. And it only got better : )

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