Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day Four: Hampton Court Palace (the replacement)

This was our first day with group. Our local guide was called Stuart; he LOVED to dish about the Royal Family, and I loved to hear it! He "had me" from "Charles and Gorilla" (instead of Camilla), and he proved to be a cheeky and knowledgable guide. The Queen celebrated her birthday on this day, even though her actual birthday is in April. They traditionally  mark it  with the Troop of Colours (a procession, I think), and celebrate it in June when the weather is nicer. (must be nice~hey, let's move my birthday to warmer weather!) Stuart suggested that we pass on seeing the Queen, since we would only see her car after waiting hours to do so. Since she would be using Windsor Castle that weekend (I know!), our visit there was replaced with Hampton Court Palace, home of Henry VIII. Ummm, ok! There also happened to be a naked bike race that day in Hyde Park, which my new friends, the Mangus's got to see. Darn!

I'm gonna be honest. I dunno. But it was on our driving tour that morning, and I love it.

In the roundabout by the Abbey. I love the red-coats ; )

So busted! Double-decker bus driver texting. Ok, it was at a light, but STILL!

The bridge that we're actually on is called London Bridge (looking over to Tower Bridge) according to Stuart. I know, London Bridge is really in AZ; don't shoot the messenger.

The awesome Hampton Court Palace. Henry was a ruthless dude; his buddy Thomas Wolsey lived there, but Henry wanted it instead. DO NOT have something that Henry wants!

Dublin roses line the front walls.

Flowers were in bloom everywhere!

Gardens in the back of the Palace.

Another view of the back of the Palace. *sigh*

A side garden. Amazing, since I kill literally everything. We have fake plants in front of our house.

Just wanted to throw in a pic of our garden. Hahaha!

Fovntain Covrt inside the Palace grovnds. They did stuff vp right, hvh?! ; )

16th century tapestries hang open to light in the Banquet Hall.

Just a cool picture inside.

A view through the back windows on the second floor.

I'm usually not so taken with gardens; I've come to love historical things thanks to my history-junkie husband, but these were the most lovely I've seen.

Tomorrow: the train ride to Edinburgh, a real lesson is Scottish drinking!

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