Saturday, June 4, 2011

Not That I'm Anxious or Anything...

Aaarrggghhhh! Two days and a wake up left! (thanks, Nancy!) Strangely enough, with barely any drama, problems or panic attacks, I actually think I'm ready. Going with a tour has proven to be pretty great, at least in the pre-trip stages. Passport. Check. Cash & credit cards. Check. Iphone & charger. Check (yes, I chose an international calling/data plan, so I'm ok). Camera & battery charger. Ummm, ok, a little bit of drama here. I rushed out to Radio Shack (excuse me, n/k/a "The Shack") today to get a current (volt, wattage, whatever!) converter (NOT adapter): $33, and it weights nearly 50 pounds by itself! Well, not really, but still, it's going back to The Shack tomorrow. I'm just going to charge up my rechargables, take some extra disposables, and call it a day, since I'm  not taking any other electric appliances. And regarding the e-coli outbreak in fresh vegetables? As long as hops, barley & yeast aren't considered vegetables, I'll be just fine. ; )

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