Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day Three: 10 Hours! Hurry!

Friday, June 10 (Happy Birthday, Lindsay!)

This was our last day "on our own", as we would meet up with our tour mates for the first time later that night at dinner. We tackled the Tower of London and St. Paul's Cathedral yesterday, but had to fit in alot more today! Back to the familiar grounds of Westminster to the Abbey, then we'd go from there... 

Peeking in at the House(s) of Parliament from the Westminster side. I'm thinkin' "Cool, I'll get pictures of cops for Jack!" Then guy-in-white sleeves turns around with a machine-y kinda gun.
Okkk, movin' on....

Right across the street from Parliament is Westminster Abbey. These are Iraq war & Obama protesters, who apparently have been there for nearly 10 years. Don't think they're accomplishing too much, but they have a cheap place to live. -_-

The visitors entrance of the Abbey. I was thinking "Kate didn't come in through these doors! I didn't see her pay an entrance fee and wrangle through a turnstyle!" She actually came through the Great West Doors, and the view from there, once inside, was magnificent! No photos were allowed. BUT, I loved Poet's Corner (NOPE, I didn't take a picture ; ), and a few of us actually got into the Shrine of St. Edward the Confessor in the center of the Abbey to pray a litany. WOW!

Archway at the entrance.

Another view of Somerset House on Strand. The fountains are active in the summer, and in the winter this area is used as a skating rink! It houses many art & cultural organizations, and is tucked in right off of a main street!

The fountain in Trafalgar Square.

The National Gallery in Trafalgar. I didn't get many good shots here for some odd reason, because the weather was quite lovely at the time.

The Olympic countdown clock in the Square. According to our local guide the next day, the city is no where near able to house all the millions of tourists and participating countries. He said the Olympics there will be "carnage"! Oh my! My advice: Stay home.

The gate at the start of the Mall (pronounced "Mal" as in mal-practice) that leads down to Buckingham Palace. I felt like royalty myself!

St. James Park to the south of the Mall. The sun was shining and warm, and we actually took our jackets off for a few minutes! (Got your stone right here, Linda!)

Fabulous landscaping at the South & West Africa gates, directly in front of the Palace. See the little crowns on top of the posts?!

No one would let me in, so I just took pictures.

Queen Victoria Memorial in the center of the Queen's Gardens in front of the Palace. Look how quickly the weather changed in 15 minutes time! Jackets on, umbrellas out, and to the tube we go!

A home in Chelsea on our walk back for dinner.

This is such a great way for me to remember my fantastic adventures, thanks for sharing them with me!
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