Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Throw the Stuff in the Room and Let's Go!

Wednesday, June 8

This would be "day one", but since it was only a half day, let's call it "day .5" We met our tour guide, Terry, in the lobby of the hotel, asked him how to get to the tube (I feel so cool saying "tube" right now), chucked our stuff and off we went!

Now THIS was exciting! I felt pretty good about it since Lindsay and I had been to NYC 2 years ago. Wait. Linds figured out the subway, that's right. Good thing I didn't remember that two weeks ago! We did great, and our confidence built every time we got on. Oh yeah, everyone speaks English, too. That helps for asking questions! : )

Look kids, Big Ben! Look kids, Big Ben! This was the first thing we saw when we stepped out of the station! I got much better shots later, but this was my first landmark in London picture.

And across the Thames (pronounced "Tems") is the London Eye! Let's ride that! Yessss, this is so much fun already!

We go flying across the bridge, down here past the aquarium, into the building to buy tickets....
Seriously?! £18? ($29.50) Errr, maybe we better pace we walked around, headed back to the hotel, and let the jet lag sink in.

Hahaha! Look at this play money! I would pull it out of my pocket, ripe for picking, because it always seemed like fake money to me. To remind myself that it wasn't, I'd look at my ATM receipt that showed £200 = about $340. Ooooohhh, yep, that's real money!

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