Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day Three. I'm Strugglin' Already!

This is tough....blog every day....hmmm...what to talk about today? Ok, let's talk about weight loss. Jack & I started "Body by Vi" shakes (meal replacement) two weeks ago today. "How's it working?" you ask? (even if you didn't ask, you know I'm gonna tell ya) Actually, pretty darn well! Two shakes a day, you choose what meals you want to replace. We use the shakes for breakfast & lunch, and eat a good dinner. I cook "healthy" anyway (mostly fresh veggies and little meat), so we decided not to eat the poached chicken, steamed broccoli, etc, that the plan suggested. Oh, and we didn't want to give up wine! (shocker!) So this is OUR plan. We hit the gym 4-5 times a week, eat a healthy dinner (usually vegetarian) and have a little wine in the evening. Jack's loss = 6 lbs, my loss = 5 lbs. There are tons of recipes to change up the shakes; my favorites are Key Lime Pie & Butterfinger. Jack loves anything with chocolate (cocoa) in it! Wish us luck, we've got a longggg way to go! 

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