Saturday, August 27, 2011

Let's Try Something New...

I've seen people try the 365 Day Photo Challenge, and thought of doing it myself, but never did start. So I recently started following my first-cousin-once-removed's blog (hi, Kelly!), and she's doing her 365 Challenge with beautiful, thoughtful, entertaining photos....hmmm....I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna make my OWN challenge though! My "challenge", aptly named "127 Days of Blogs Till 2012 Challenge" is just to keep me in the habit (blogging for me is pretty darn cathartic). I haven't felt very interesting lately, since most of this year's vacations are behind me. This personal challenge probably won't be beautiful, thoughtful, or even entertaining, but what the heck! I'll bet you're really excited now! ; )
 Here goes Day 1!

This is my before & after of my "I'm letting my hair go gray phase" (which I really DID like, just wasn't quite ready for), with the "after" being just yesterday (I was looking for an app to do a split screen picture. Thanks, Tom!). Do I look younger? I think I just look crazier (my eyes are two different sizes for cryin' out loud! I stink at the app, too, sorry) 

Well, that's it! Let's see how long I actually keep this up...and see what tomorrow brings!

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