Monday, August 29, 2011

To Pee, or Not to Pee....

Hee hee. I know it's hard to imagine why in the world I would be interested in taking pictures of loos, but from my very first "stop", I was hooked! Call me crazy... (oh, wait, you ARE!)

My first pitstop at Heathrow Airport! What a thrill! So utilitarian! (that's my fave new word regarding all things European)

Guess where this is?! The Tower of London! (didn't see the real ravens, though, bummer)

London, somewhere! It looked Harry Potterish, on a small scale!

At Chelsea Tube Station. A nice guy showed us how to get in without paying. Ooops, did I say that outloud?

Hampton Court Palace in England. I took "nappy bags" with me all over Europe to collect rocks!

This restroom was of special note, because it's where the guy jeered at me for being in the men's room. REALLY?! Check the door, dude, there's a picture of a lady in a dress on it! We had a good laugh! In Edinburgh, at the Conan Doyle.

I liked the checkered floor.

My all time favorite bathroom, in Dublin. Now this one really looks Potterish! And the Dyson Blade (the hand dryer) is the BOMB! We loved it when we found a potty with a Blade!

Same restroom. Pull chain! : )

As if all that weren't neat enough, it was a glow-in-the-dark bathroom, too! Isn't that the coolest?!!!

Men's Room.

Ladies Room. In Cahir in Ireland. Love it!

Just liked it. At the Red Fox Inn on the Ring of Kerry. Now, I saved the best for last......

HARRY POTTER! At the Elephant House in Edinburgh, Scotland. I didn't make it to the restroom there, so my new friend Lauren let me borrow this photo.

Wasn't that a fabulous trip through the facilities of England, Scotland & Ireland?! This blog a day thing is gonna be fun! ; )

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