Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hysteria! (hee hee)

Last night's theme (thank you, Debbie): Pajama Party. What a great idea! No dressing up, not even in Dolce Girls t-shirts; just some comfy pj's/sweats/short & t's, whatever. So needless to say, we were all excited about this one! Instructions: bring your own adult beverage of choice, a pizza topping, and a box of your favorite candy, with the intent to watch a movie. Thirteen girls (and a designated driver), 12 bottles of  wine, 1 two-quart bottle of pre-made margaritas, 11 homemade pizzas, 1 large un-dressed salad, 3 games of Table Topics, 2 batches of chocolate chip-peanut-bacon cookies, 1 tray of turtle cookie bars, 1 bag of Heath bars, 1 box of Goobers, 4 YouTube videos and one BILLION laughs later (the television never got turned on), we called it a night. THE "funnest" group of gals on the planet! ♥  

Becky's amazing cookies. Many a baggie-full were toted home to share with hubbies! Yum!

I know this seems odd, but the squirrel (sqweel) is now our mascot, thanks to a ridiculously alarming, weird, shocking yet funny (to most of us) video. Sorry, that's how we roll. And we're blaming it on Kristyn, who introduced us to the video ; )

A totally unusual picture of me with my mouth open. Geez, that never happens. I would love to add more pics, but it gets me in less trouble to just make fun of myself.

Our Motley Crew (almost wild enough to be the actual Motley Crue!) Lord help the neighbors!

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