Thursday, April 7, 2011

Aaargghh! I Missed Wine Wednesday!

We had a busy week. Our Lenten mission was this week at St. T's, and Jack & I went all three nights. Fr. Ben, a missionary of The Precious Blood, was our retreat speaker. Truthfully, a mission retreat can go either way; I remember going to the first night of one a few years back. That was it. We didn't go back, which is unusual for us (I promise we normally give second chances). But Fr. Ben was a wonderful speaker, full of relevant-to-topic stories, told with humor and insight into the three Scriptures he spoke about. This year, God was good. (Just bein' funny, Lord)


Becky got me this cool journal, to keep track of my likes and dislikes. Bet it has more "likes".

I picked this up on Moe's good advice. Moe is Becky's favorite wine salesperson at World Market, and I know she's his favorite customer. He is super knowledgeable in everything vino. He took me to a $25 bottle of Acacia Vineyards Pinot Noir, then said "Wait, now look at this!" Then he showed me the Caviste, a very comparable Pinot from the same vintner, for $10. I LOVE Moe! He also led me to a peach Bellini, since peach wine is not readily available here, and Jack was happy about that.

I'll have this book filled in NO TIME...

Stay tuned for the Dolce Girls (f/k/a Dirty Girls) wine tasting this Saturday!

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