Sunday, April 3, 2011

Enjoying Food & Fellowship

Today was the 3rd Annual St. Teresa Family Picnic/Ethnic Day Celebration/Visit from our New Bishop/Kickoff to Lenten Retreat. Whew! Ok, it's usually just the Picnic, but this year, all these things kinda rolled into one giant event. It was a fantastic day all around, with gorgeous weather, wonderful folks & yummy food. There is A LOT of work put into this four hour picnic, and I'm thankful for my anal-retentive, detail-obsessed Superman, who made cooking 800 polish sausages with eleven huge pans of accompanying onions and peppers seem like no big deal. His sore, cracking ankles will be feeling it for days! 

Jack & Paul, THE best K of C cooks!

This ginormous tent is only one of the many projects that need tackled to pull today off.

Perfect weather for sitting under a shade tree. Lots of breeze, thankfully no bugs, and some jammin' live music!

Most of my little fam. Today is Grandpa's 84th birthday, but he decided on a nap instead of the picnic. When you're 84, you do what you want! : )

My American Patriot : )

Hope you had a great weekend too!
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