Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just Havin' a Shot. In the Foot.

Fingers crossed (I'd cross toes, too, but that's not a good idea right now), the plantar fasciitis will be under control in a few days. I took everyone's facebook advice into account...then Dr. Lynch said "Europe in 6 weeks? Let's be aggressive." (AND, he's cute and called me "Smiley". I'm so easy.) Within 30 seconds the cortisone was administered, and I'm on my way (hopefully!) to running all over merry ole England! Wish me luck!

I have my sister Connie's famous shortbread in the oven right now. It's Lindsay's favorite (it's actually everybody's favorite! I hope to post pics tomorrow) , so I'm making it for this weekend. Along with Mocha Via Muffins, fish and lime tacos, crawfish shortbread, and lots of Easter yummies. When I went for my annual checkup this afternoon, I'd lost 6 pounds since I was there in November! *sigh* I'll start again Monday.

Wine. I'd heard Cupcake Chardonnay was verrry good, so I tried it. Yep. It is. Doesn't have the stronger oakey taste of many chardonnays, and was just simply quite delicious. I've found it on sale at both Publix & Walmart for $9 in the last two weeks. If you like Chardonnay or just white, this is darn good. And it makes my foot feel better.

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