Sunday, April 24, 2011

To Lindsay, Jordan & Brandy, With Love ♥

I always thought ONE GIRL was plenty; boys don't have raging hormone fits (at least not my boys!) in the same way as girls: no crying, no worrying, no self-esteem issues. But this weekend, when our house was filled with GIRLS, it was a wonderful thing. They are simply a beautiful creation: sweet, wacky, caring, silly, insightful, catty, sensitive, determined and thoughful. We ate (ALOT), we took pictures (TOO MANY), we checked out each other's outfits (♥), we played games (ok, little kitten, you won, but we were close!), we talked (THE BEST). This weekend reminded me how much I love being a mom; chauffeuring to pick up movies, running to the drugstore, handing out my Visa card (yep, I even like that), cooking, fussing, doting. Kisses goodnight, hugs in the morning, snugs to make a belly ache feel better, packing sandwiches for the road. I got my girl fix. So, I thank my fabulous (natural & borrowed) daughters for an amazingly girly and blessed weekend. You made the blog! : ) 

The loves of my life. ♥

Our extended family. ♥

My lovelies. ♥

Big and Little. The originals. ♥

I'm in heaven! I. LOVE. THESE. GIRLS! ♥

Gorgeous! ♥
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