Friday, April 15, 2011

Nirvana a/k/a The Wine's All Here! (and the house is empty)

Just in time for the weekend! And you know me...."Aren't the bottles pretty?!"

Anyway, the house is quiet, and my great white shrimper (and son & sidekicks) are out for the evening. Please, Lord, allow the additional $61.94, $10, $14.40 & $35.59 spent this week, bring home a nice catch. (I am totally serious. Those are the receipts on the desk for incidentals for tonight's excursion) Last night I said, "Seriously, I really would rather spend the $6-8 at Publix for shrimp when I need it." (usually, once or twice a year for a party dish, since Jack doesn't eat seafood. Again, serious.) He looked me dead in the eye and said, "Really? You can't put a price on an night at home by yourself, can you?" Darn it!!! How'd he figure THAT out?! I thought I was being so sly! But now that I think about it, I guess there were little hints that led him there... Monday: "Hon, are you going shrimping on Friday?" Tuesday: "Hey hon, have you heard anything about shrimping?" Wednesday: "Did you hear from Todd?" Thursday: "Please call Todd and see what's going on for tomorrow!" He's catchin' on. ; ) Now, to break the silence - with popcorn & a wine opener! Happy Friday!

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