Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Table for One, Please.

If I didn't have to cook for someone, I honestly don't think I'd cook. Brandy hit me where I live this weekend when she said, "Momma, you only cook this fantastic food so you can show off your amazing, crazy mad cooking skillz on your blog!" (ok, those weren't her exact words, I added a few) But she's pretty much right (darn those meddling kids!). Tonight, however, I felt like making a nice dinner for myself, since Jack's working late. I stopped by Publix after the gym and picked up a fresh piece of salmon and some veggies, plus the ingredients to make the shortbread and scones for Friday's royal nuptials. So this is what I had for dinner.

This little Kodak takes the craziest pictures. Doesn't it look like the salmon is superimposed on the plate?! (could be the Chardonnay) The salmon is topped with Newman's medium peach salsa, to which I'm now addicted, and fresh cilantro. Super combo.

So the wine I chose needed to be white. I drank up all of the Cupcake Chardonnay last week, and my "guests" this weekend hit the Pinot Grigio and Riesling. When Lindsay looked in the back fridge Friday, she said, "Mom, what's this Chardonnay doing in the fridge?" because I usually don't drink it. (she needs to read my blog to know that I'm trying different things) I let her know it was leftover from the wine tasting and would be in there for awhile. Well, it's "awhile". It was very tasty with the salmon! I was going to start tonight with something new: testing the "nose" of the wine, etc, but I'll start that next week (maybe). So, this is Robert Mondavi Woodbridge Chardonnay, very reasonably priced at about $12 for a 1.5 liter bottle. I really like Woodbridge Pinot Noir, it was my "go to" red before I discovered Sutter Home Red Zin. Salute!
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