Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Shrimper King

Thursday evening Jack and I went to Publix. I  got a pound of shrimp for a fab shrimp & avocado recipe that Brian gave me to make for the wine tasting tonight. Says Jack: "Wow, $6 a pound? I could get you those for free, hon." Me: "Dear, the lunchmeat we eat is $10 a pound, so this really isn't expensive." Jack: "I mean, I just hate to see you buy them when I can get them for free if I go shrimping tomorrow night." He has been DYING to go shrimping. He and the boys went a few weeks ago, and had a great night, but not shrimp-wise. Soooo, he and Todd went out while Debbie and I watched beautiful Mayet in her play. And here is his bountiful catch!

He and Todd split a good two gallon : )

Some BIG boys!!! (sorry about the white stuff on Jack's thumb...EWWW)

Mitch taught us to freeze them in water so they'll keep longer and fresher. When I got this bag back out of the freezer to take the picture, it had sprung numerous leaks from the pointy tails, so it's a good thing I did! He took some to Mom and Dad, I froze some, and added some to the Publix shrimp.

So, the moral of the story is: Gas for the truck-$40. Lights, batteries, ice, beer, etc-$150.
When my man says "FREE", I budget extra cash in for the week. (We also got a "free" sink for the garage that cost $100) I woulda been happy with the $6 shrimp. ; )

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