Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cape Codders! (us, and the drinks, too!)

Ok, this is it. My last vacation this....summer! The opportunity came knocking, so we tagged along with Brian to the Cape. I kept telling everyone we were going to "Boston"; Jack realized a few days before we left that we weren't as close to Boston as I had led him to believe. I just figured we were going to spend more time there, but it was a 90 minute drive one way, which really was a haul. Regardless, it was an awesome trip, and over my birthday, no less! If ya know me, you know I love my birthday month! I think of this as a vacation provided by Mom, since we had gotten free airfare when we took a "bump" coming back to FL from her funeral this past November. Jack and I had agreed that if we got bumped, it was a sign from Mom; well, I was assigned seat C13 on the flight that we took home instead, which is Mom's lucky number : )

As much as I DO NOT like flying, the views are always amazing.

Dinner the first night was at the Ebb Tide Restaurant across the street from the timeshare. It was quaint and very nautical! Now to walk off a fabulous meal...

There was a real beach! Right outside! These stuck-together shells have real little mollusky things in them! I didn't realize it till I pulled them apart : (

An evening walk on the beach yielded this view from the back of our place. It seems each condo/timeshare/hotel/motel has its own private beach area. Ours was 365' wide. LOL! I was wondering how they keep it "private"...they don't.

Our first full day is Lighthouse Day. There are TONS of them on Cape Cod, who knew?! These folks were painting outside of Cape Cod Light a/k/a Highland Lighthouse. The lady on the end in the red apron was painting an, umm, interesting interpretation...Jack said she was painting with rage! The whole picture was in squares and all in RED! Ok, lighthouse it is!

Cape Cod Light in Truro is the oldest on the Cape. They moved it from its original location in 1996, back 450 feet from the eroding edge of the cliff. This was the only one we climbed during the week.

A view from the top, looking at either the Atlantic or Cape Cod Bay! I love the old door!

We wandered (drove) up toward Provincetown, at the tip. This is Provincetown Harbor.

Provincetown has a really fun vibe, kinda Key-Westy!

MacMillan Pier, where we would go the next day to whale watch!

I don't know what this place was....but it looked interesting. In Ptown.

Nauset Light in Eastham on the way back down. Caught a glimpse of the Three Sisters Lighthouses in a clearing by here. It was pretty darn humid and hazy.

A house on the walk down Chase Avenue before dinner. It's hard to tell whether these places are B & B's or private homes! They're all striking. Again, hazy...the camera wasn't happy with it, the lense fogged up alot.

The celebratory birthday dinner was at Clancy's in Dennisport. THE best seafood I've ever had, really! Check them out if you're ever nearby, but be prepared to WAIT! Definitely worth it, though!

I hate to bore anyone with toooo many pictures, so I'll add some more tomorrow!
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