Thursday, July 7, 2011

Saturday, June 18

I can't tell you all the things we learned on this day! We heard about the Norman conquest, horse racing, Beamish & Murphy's beer, the line drawn in 1920 between north and south Ireland, Michael Collins, Daniel O'Connor the Great Liberator, the Potato Famine a/k/a The Hunger, the Stone of Scoon, the legend of Blarney Castle and the McCarthy clan, Cork, Tipperary, and so much more! But the highlight of my day was Blarney Castle. I don't care how touristy it is, the castle grounds were vast and fabulous, and my main objective was met: kiss that doggone Blarney Stone!!! 

A 1,000 year old Norman bell tower.

Urlingford in County Kilkenny. Don't be misled, the scenery was gorgeous, but this was just too funny! Umm, yeah, I'll pass on the hot wash, thanks!

St. Peter the Rock Cathedral in Cashel, which was under construction. The scenery there was literally breathtaking!

Just more awesomeness. This picture struck me for some reason.

The ruins of Castle Cahir (Care), South Tipperary. We stopped here for lunch, and took a quick walk around the city centre.

I was fascinated with the signs in Gaelic as well as English. Too cool! In Cahir.

In Cahir as well. I love that Mary is the Publican & Funeral Director! Fill their livers, Mary, you're gonna get them again eventually!

Another Graceland of mine, Blarney Castle! The Stone is at the top. It's pretty much a legend, but what fun!

Just a lovely view from around the Castle.

Looking across to the Kissing Stone. (I kissed it twice, because I'm so vain), and wanted to make sure they got a good photo! LOL! Some sweet older fellow holds onto you as you lay back and kiss a piece of rock! What a racket! ; ) Anyway, now I REALLY have the gift of gab, just TRY to shut me up!

A full view of the castle.

On the way to the hotel, the Travel Inn Killarney, which was just wonderful!

I'm taking a break tomorrow (weather permitting) to go to a ball game...BUT, next up: the Ring of Kerry, my now infamous fall, & a 30 minute Mass in Fossa!
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