Monday, July 25, 2011

Thar She Blows!!! (you shoulda figured that was coming...)

Tuesday, July 19
We scheduled our tour for the earliest one of the day, and kept our fingers crossed for good weather. We got it! The ladies ahead of us in line on the pier gave us a tip on where to sit, so we sat on the port side, close to the bow. Off we go!

We took Dolphin Fleet Tours of Provincetown.

 Some call him Ishmael. I call him Captain Ahab.

A humpback! We saw a few before this guy, too.

Dorsal fin!

So happy I got this pic of the flukes!

This chick was showin' off her pecs. Her name is Niles : )

Choreographed just for us! She's on her back.

See her white markings under the water?!


Thankful for the great weather and photo ops!

One of my favorites!

Hiiiii!!! : )

They smack their pecs on the water for various reasons, one being playful. This gal wouldn't stop, I was getting worried! Our guide said they sometimes slap them till they bleed! : (

She swims like me, lays on her back and chills. (I'm not a great swimmer)

Jack just told me humpbacks have two blowholes. (I get involved in picture taking and don't always catch everything. Yeah, that's it.)

Niles pal Barb came to play. (He's a boy; apparently they're not named after people) So sad that we had to go!

Coming back to Ptown. Told ya there's a lotta lighthouses there! (One of three in Provincetown alone)

Made a pitstop on the way back to the timeshare. They even have Right Red & Right White wines to support the whale research done from Ptown.

My kinda humor.

Tomorrow: Boston!!!
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