Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sunday, June 19

I'm battling super mixed-emotions on this day, as it's our last. Yeah, we're ready to go home. Wait, no we're not. Ahh, sleep in my own bed...see my fam...go back to work....WHAT?! AM I CRAZY?! I'm not ready to go home!!! Wahhhh! We left the hotel in Killarney, with our sights set on the cliffs, not far from Limerick. But first....

We took a "jaunting car" ride in Killarney National Park! What a lovely Sunday morning! Folks were in the park walking, jogging or on their way fishing, and all of them called to our driver (and us!) with waves and warm greetings. I LOVE IT HERE!

A stop in the park by Ross Castle. Lots of tings (yeah, "tings") to do in here! I hobbled around (don't forget I FELL yesterday), but enjoyed every minute of the lake view.

Ross Castle, built in the late 15th century. (I'm sure you're in the know now, that there are castles EVERYWHERE)

Our jaunting car driver, Martin McCarthy, who's been driving for 48 years! His thick brogue was wonderful, and what a sweet man! Did I mention that I LOVE IT HERE?!

The golf course at Liscannor/Lahinch, County Clare, right around the corner from the cliffs. Umm, this doesn't look so much like our courses here in Florida...

We're here! OH. MY. GOSH. BREATH. TAKING! Wait, what's that across the ocean? NEWFOUNDLAND?! Too cool!!!

Oh, yeah, I've been here. No big deal. ; ) Ps. Some of Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince was filmed here.

Views, views and more views.

Just behind me as I look toward the ocean.

O'Brien's Tower, built in 1835, marks the highest point at the Cliffs. (see it WAYYY up there?) I liked this picture because Terry said there weren't alot of steps here. REALLY?!

My buddy, Edwin, our driver. He's from Mitchelstown in County Cork. What a lovely, genuine fellow!

Sadly, our trip comes to a close;  thank you for taking this journey with me! I just can't let go yet, though, and will be blogging fun things that didn't "make the cut"!

Stay tuned!

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