Saturday, July 30, 2011

Winding Down

We spent the last two days of vacation lollygagging about, with a visit to the lighthouse and town center in Chatham, and walking around "our" neighborhood in Dennisport. And eating at Clancy's again ; ) Here are a few pics:

At the "Wee Packet" Irish restaurant in Dennisport. I had corned beef hash with real corned beef (not the canned stuff). It made me feel like I was back in Ireland with black pudding on the menu! (check out the hair. It was really sea breezy/windy that week)

MORE hydrangeas. I wanted to frame some of my pics, but none really turned out. Darn that misty hazy fog. And my lack of skills.

The Chatham Light. Seeing this picture convinces me I need to break out my Fuji and learn how to use it.

Super amazing "Bass River Mud" fudge sundae (coffee,chocolate, almonds and fudge) with fresh whip at the famous Sundae School. Their slogan is "Don't skip Sundae School"! : )

Just somewhere I'd like to live. *sigh*

Sooo reminds me of Ocean City, MD when I was a kid. That was darn good job, it was still on the beach in the evening!

So, that ends our Cape vaca. Jack started with allergies/cold the night before we left, and stayed jacked up on Nyquil for days. What a trooper, though, he drove everywhere and did the whale watch, Boston, the lighthouses, etc. while he was feeling really crummy. I got sick on the last day, whew. But my payback has been double pink eye and a longggg lasting cold/sinus infection. I don't care, I'm still going on vacations!!!
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