Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fun Signage from the Cliffs!

I have no idea why these signs struck me so funny (and still do!), but here they are. I'd love your thoughts on what some of them could possibly mean as well!

Just in case you don't realize that you're on a cliff, be careful or you could fall. Ya think?! (love the little falling rock pieces)

And don't climb on the cliff walls, either!

This is a hoot! What could it possibly mean?! "Don't walk on the fire grass"?! "Birds may poop on this grass so don't walk on it"?! I dunno!

Ummm, "This way to the mountains, city on the water & viewing area", I guess. Have you seen my cliff pics? These really didn't pertain to what I was looking at! I get the telescope thing, but that's it!

Was there internet access at the top that I missed?! And how bout that big camera? Like we didn't think to take pictures on our own?! Seriously, if you understand these and I'm just stupid, let me know...

"This way to briefcases, gifts, coffee and toilets"

"Castle"! (it's literally RIGHT THERE, you can't miss it!) The wheelchair accessible viewing guy looked like a guy sitting on one of those big balls in the gym to me!

This is my favorite: "Please do not go beyond this point"...oh, not you people who can't read, just everyone else! Maybe no one paid attention because they said "please"...

I still have some European bathroom pictures to post...I know, I know, it sounds weird, but some of them are really fun! Cheers until next time!
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