Sunday, July 3, 2011

We Interrupt This Tour of Europe for a "Pitstop"...

My very first Daytona Race ever! Jack and the kids were originally going without me, by my choice. (Yay, a free day!) But on Friday, Vickie told me she scored free tickets for the race, how much fun they were, etc, and got me thinking that I should have gone, mostly to spend the day with my family...OK! I'm doin' it! So I called the track, got a ticket near the fam, and off we went Saturday morning!

The Midway was really fun! Jimmie is Lindsay's ♥ We hung out for awhile, walked back to the Mall for lunch, then Jack and the boys headed back to the track while Lindsay and I spent time in the Mall. We only bought a few things. HEY, GIVE US A BREAK, IT WAS HOT OUT!

Loved seeing all the bikes there.

My boy Carl! I was trying to look cool and lean on the truck, but it was blazin' hot. So I just look like I'm touching him in a weird way.

I have no idea if these dudes were for real, but they gave us a good laugh! They stopped folks passing by to just say hello. (?!)  I had a hard time deciding who was my favorite: the sexy one with the microphone, the sweetheart with the water bottle in his crack, or cut-off shirt guy with the beer. Kinda gives us NASCAR fans a bad name...

Luckily, the stands were breezy, and we were in the shade. I have no idea why that guy is giving us the eye, we weren't in his seat! I don't think...

The Newbies. We did just fine, once we stopped sweating.

The whole gang! The very nice man in front of us took our picture. He had the two cutest little boys that were SO good all night : )

Carl wrecked around lap 25, so Jack, Al & I were bummed. His pit crew swarmed around him with duct tape, fixin' him all up...but his crush panel was gone, and the fumes literally made him sick. But he plodded on to the finish, and came in 38, which dropped him to #2 in the points standing. But whoop it up for Jax's driver, Matt Kenseth, who came in second after leading bunches of laps, only to let his teammate David Ragan win to get in the chase. Love me some NASCAR!

And the fireworks were awesome! Happy Independence Day y'all!

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