Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bye, Bye $6K! (But Hello, Fresh AC!)

It just wasn't salvagable. We hoped to put the "investment proposal" (that's actually what the estimate is called!) on the back burner until at least next spring, but it wasn't possible; the popping, dripping, cracking and relentless noises that this ac made were frightening (not to mention the warm air!) Sooo, we called Colman yesterday, and they came out first thing this morning (YaY!). They did a fabulous job, and we are cool and comfortable in less than 9 hours!

This hole behind the intake grate used to scare me...

G'bye, old stuff that ran up our electric bill!

Hours after the old evaporator laid in the yard, it was still frozen solid! Isn't that crazy?! No wonder we couldn't get cool air, the fins were solid with ice!

A van of garbage pickers came around while the ac guys were at lunch, trying to pick up our stuff. Jack said, "Hey, man, this is MY s**t!" We weren't ready to let go yet ; ) Who would want this stuff?!

I know it's gross, but this is what 44 year old duct work looks like. Ewwww! Please have yours cleaned. (and I apologize if you've been a guest in our house!)

The scuttle hole to the attic. There were THREE guys up there at once replacing the duct work. Poor guys!

The only air those guys got was from this fan! It was in the mid-80's today, too!

Aaahhh! Isn't it beautiful?! They custom made the box on site.

It seems like a silly thing to be excited about, but THIS makes us happy! We'd been stressing about needing this for awhile...what else were we gonna spend $6 grand on?! Oh yeah, LOTS of stuff! We'll just spend next year's vacation at home, being cool and breathing easier! 
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