Saturday, October 29, 2011

Eat, Drink & Be Scary

When the hunter's's time to party! A last minute get together turned into some amazing costumes! Last year I was really into making creepy food and fun decorations, but this year the gathering was much simpler and lots of fun. I made a big salad & a pumpkin cheesecake (which was fab, and I'll blog later today), and we ordered Valentino's (shout out!) pizza. Easy peasy. Let the costumed fun begin!  

Becky, Carolyn, Debbie and I were gonna stay in a wine theme: Becky would be wine, Carolyn chose a bunch of grapes, Deb was supposed to be a piece of cheese and I was to be a cracker. Ummm, no. Carolyn kept to her word and took the prize! (even though there was none) With her hubby's help, she put this incredible costume together, complete with real grapevines from her Dad's yard! Hey, wait, does he have any wine in his yard?!

Melissa is literally THE cutest gal on the planet. This costume fits her personality and her wonderful decorating taste (you should see her western/southwestern themed home!)

I stuck with the wine theme by dressing as Amphictyonis, the Greek Goddess of Wine & Friendship (I figure, you have enough wine, you're pretty darn friendly!) My friend Laurie sent me a link with a painting of her where she's buck naked, with grapevines wrapped around her. I'm SO doing that next year, because that darn tablecloth was hot!

Becky's box of wine was a masterpiece! Not just any wine, BECKY wine! She is a true German "select harvest" with sweet & spicy notes, just like her label (on her rear) said! That faucet is precariously positioned...

Annie decided on a wine fairy; in my opinion, she needs to imbibe a bit more, but I do love the pose!

This was a complete surprise to me! (which is way fun) Laura totally rocked the "Frenchie" look, right down to her poodle socks. And she kept everything on all night!

Nicole was right in character being a modern day vampire (that's a bottle of Tru Blood in her hand; maybe her fangs are purple from wine?!) It's also totally fitting because she has eternal youth as well! (in all seriousness, she's 33 years old, and doesn't look a day over 21. *sigh*)

As does her momma! Her Budget Ninja persona is perfect for her; low profile & quiet, then sneaks up on you and BAM! She comes out with stuff that keeps everyone in stitches! It's always the quiet ones...

Ok, I'm so gonna dress up like Sherri next year, too. Not her costume, just HER. She was gorgeous as a flapper. Maybe it's the shoes?! ; )

Cathy with a headful of snakes! These sisters are kinda like sugar and spice (it's ok, they know it) These two look great in black!

Debbie did a wonderful job with her geisha make up! The dress was really pretty, and we loved her little "bound" feet!

Leave it to Foozer to come as a Breast Cancer Awareness Witch in pink and black! (although I caught a touch of Wilma Flintstone in there...gotcha, Fooz!) She's always one fun gal!

An iPhone?! Loved it! Tina just put that together yesterday afternoon...aren't these girls creative?! Her cakes show that! I wanted to check my facebook every time I looked at her!

Marcy's fairy was beautiful and glittery, and this huggy bunch were all wearing glitter by the end of the night! She loves to dress up : )

The group shot. Too. Much. Fun! I seriously have next year's costume in the works, though!

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