Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Whirlwind (literally!) Week!

What a great week it's been! Not only did Sara visit, but sis-in-law Gin and her beautiful girls came this weekend to our sunny state...well, at least it was sunny for a bit one day! It's always a bummer when family comes to visit and the weather is nasty; today is day three of four of a mini-hurricane for us. Ugh. But they all had such a fantastic attitude, I don't think a major hurricane could have dampened their spirits! We celebrated Mom & Dad's 62nd anniversary on Friday at Portofino's. This is where I always say "(insert # of years here) years ago my mother-in-law started her journey to sainthood"...just kiddin' Dad! ; )

Don't they look FABULOUS?! We're blessed to have them.

Cait, Gin, Mom, Jen, LeeAnn & moi. 

With brother Bill, Dad & Jack. You can definitely see the family resemblence!

So...I had a mini-vaca with Sara, a three day work week, an anniversary dinner with lots of food, wine and laughter, a wine tasting (again!) with good folks and fab food, and ended with another family dinner today where I got to know these lovely ladies a bit better! We even decided a vacation next year may be in the works for all of us! Hmmm, another vacation?! Yes, please! ; )
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