Wednesday, October 26, 2011

While the Hunter's Away...

This is a big day here in the Ehrig household; months are spent planning and executing the annual pilgrimmage to the Holy Land. No, not THE Holy Land, but darn close. Yep, North Dakota! You betcha. It's duck season! (wabbit season, duck season, wabbit season...)
Jacks's bags have been at the ready since Monday: boots? check. thermals? check. jackets? check. shotguns? check. coveralls? check. gloves and headgear? check. underwear? who needs it?! (To my dismay, bathing is on an "as needed" basis, and apparently it's not needed often. In their defense, I wouldn't get naked in that cold unless absolutely necessary either!)

Ready to roll! Fargo, here they come!

These are two doggone happy faces, and it's only 4 am! Jack has waited allllll year for this, and Al seems to be pretty glad to be goin' along.

These are doggone happy faces, too! At Leoncito, for dinner and margaritas with a few of my besties. Last night Jack said, "Are you ready for your vacation?" I said "Yes, sir, and you've gotta be happy to get a break from me for two weeks!" (he agreed) He's a sweetheart; he knows I'll like the hall pass from cooking, and he definitely knows I love spending time with the girls, and he's all good with that. Daggone it, just when I thought I was sooo ready to get rid of him, I start missing him already! That rascal! ♥

Stay tuned for some great adventures!
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