Monday, October 3, 2011

Lookout Harry, Here I Come!

Today was the big first (notice I said first) visit to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! I'm a huge Potter fan (although not nearly as knowledgable of a fan as Nicole) thanks to Lisa, who "talked me into" reading Book 1 almost 10 years ago. I'm Potter-nerdish enough to have the highlights of my Europe trip include Platform 9-3/4 at King's Cross Station in London, and The Elephant House in Scotland. I've received Potter-phernalia as gifts, waited at Walden Books at midnight with Linds for the release of The Goblet of Fire, and even taken Mom to the opening of Prisoner of Azkaban in Potter-gear! It was such a magical (ya like that?!) day, with so many British and Scottish visitors...I got a real kick out of that; they had to come here to see Harry Potter! I've patiently waited for this trip (since it's been open for over a year!), so here goes!

We got to the park before opening time, and they let us in! We headed straight to The Forbidden it is! I seriously was delirious. Sad, but true. We were so early, in fact, that we walked right onto the ride, and missed alot of the really cool stuff that you would see while you waited in line. Next time!

My first sip of butterbeer...hmmm, sweeeeett! No, really. It's SWEET. Like a butterscotch-creme-soda with an extra cup of sugar thrown in for good measure. Btw...awesome! Wish someone would have told us the "souvenir mug" added an extra $8.50 to the price. Ouch! Next time, a butterbeer in a plastic cup will taste just a good.

On to the pumpkin favorite of the two, taste wise. Delish! Sara and I howled over these pictures!

Sara's first sip of the creamy concoction. Heaven in an overpriced plastic mug ; )

Just too cool! Everything was very authentic looking. I even got dripped on when I walked under an icicle! Honestly!

The shops made me feel like I was re-visiting the books!

Cauldron cakes! They were hard to resist, but I did.

The food in the Three Broomsticks was wonderful! I had smoked chicken with a roasted corn cob and potatoes, and Sara had fish and chips, that she couldn't stop raving about.

Inside the "train station", but I was at the real one! Errr, well, ok, there isn't really a 9 3/4, but I was at King's Cross, and that makes me very happy : )

What a terrific day for this Muggle!!!  

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