Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What's in a K-cup? (You'll find out...)

I bought a single-serve Keurig coffeemaker for work last year. It's honestly the best thing since sliced bread; individual cups of coffee, tea, cafe latte, and even hot cider! It gets used a bunch by a number of  us. Anyway, I went to put a "K-cup" in the Keurig yesterday, and it rattled. Hmmmm....what could that be about?! (we actually had kind of a "bug phobia" lately, and were worried that a critter was trapped inside!) (((Shake, shake, shake)))...it was still rattling, and I'd never heard that from a K-cup before! So Laura and I set out to dissect the innocent little brew cup, and see what was up!

We took the foil off, ripped the filter liner out, and dumped the coffee, but it continued to rattle. See that little plastic ring? It was almost invisible, but sure made alot of noise! Whew, that's all it was! We figured I had gotten a rattley batch, because other cups in the box were the same (no coffee was harmed in the posting of this blog).

Moral of the story: Save the 56¢. Now ya know.

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