Saturday, October 1, 2011

Whoopie! It's Fall!

 Hurray! Today has been gorgeous so, with no humidity. I'm so in the mood for fall, especially since I've been scouting other people's blogs for recipes (thanks again to my new addiction, Food Gawker), and they're all stoked, too, posting fabulous pumpkin soup, butter, cake & latte recipes. Sara and Aunt Rose are coming for dinner tomorrow, and I wanted to bake something fall-ish and easy, but special. These Spicy Pumpkin Whoopie Pies are almost perfect (just a tad too much cloves). Jack and Alex said the house smelled like Thanksgiving! It helped that I had a chicken cooking on the stove, too : ) And if you don't know what whoopie pies are, boy, are YOU missing out! Stop by and I'll give ya one!

Spices galore!

Dark brown sugar, mixed with a cup of oil. I'm pulling out all the stops, no "applesauce substitute" here!

Publix was out of Libby's pumpkin, so organic was just fine! It's super pureed.

Mixing the pumpkin into the whisked together dry ingredients. Don't do this. I said, "Hon, why do you think this is turning out like bread dough?!" After I re-read the directions, I figured out why. Oops, mix the pumpkin into the sugar and oil, then add the flour! Ooohhhh.

Whew, it seemed to turn out ok after all. It all gets mixed together eventually anyway, right?!

Jack and I thought it was a good idea to make mini-cupcakes so that the cookie shapes were uniform. Don't do this either. It makes doughy, mini-cupcakes, not uniform whoopie cakes. Trial and error...

Aaahhhh, NOW I've got it! Don't forget the parchment!

Slap some homemade cream cheese icing in there, and it's just like bein' in PA Dutch country in the fall!
Happy fall, y'all!
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