Saturday, May 7, 2011

It's a Hat Kinda Day

Now THIS was fun! I know... "Any excuse to party, right?" Yep! I literally knew nothing about the Kentucky Derby until this week, and man, does it seem like a great time! So the girls and I set out to making our hats and some traditional Derby food for yet another fab get-together.

My hat. I wanted to channel Julie Roberts, but succeeded only with a copy-cat kinda dress; forgot the gloves, and went with Dollar Tree flowers, but not bad.

Let the games (and betting!) begin!


Carolyn went with traditional and simple. Lovely.

Jen's style is young with a glamorous touch, just like her personality!

Linda & Nicole went with lady-like but whimsical! So much fun!

Laura's choice was perfect as well, and according to her, blended Eliza Doolittle and Mrs. Howell! LOVEY! I mean, LOVELY!

Annie knocked it out of the park with her Derby! It was gorgeous! (and very flammable...sorry about that...)

And the winner is (very hard to choose as all the hats seemed to fit our personalities nicely, and they were all just wonderful!) .....

Carol's stunning creation (ya like that?!)! Her hubbie said she could have bought a custom designer hat for less! Not true! Those pesky hubbies, they just don't get it...


Who wouldn't have fun with this group?!



Becky's cheese grits, which she loathes, but we just love!

 Annie's Hot Browns in mornay sauce were to die for! Ohmygosh!

Carol's Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie. When she offered to leave the last piece for me, I happily agreed!
Fantastic! (and alotta work)

Linda & Nic's Bourbon Balls. If you weren't tipsy to begin with, have one of these. Not for children. Unless you want them to sleep. Yummmmy!

My burgoo. Tip: DO NOT use imitation (read: Great Value Brand) worchestershire. Lea & Perrins only. Seriously, what was I thinking? Laura and Annie came to the rescue, and doctored it up with a WHOLE bottle! That's some spicy burgoo!
This recipe called for green peppers, carrots and cabbage, and Annie said, "Uh, no way!" So I left those out. : ) 

What a great night with some super fun gals! For the derby today, I drew Midnight Interlude & Mucho Macho Man. Come on, fellas! Mama needs a new hat!

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