Sunday, May 1, 2011

Vivere la Dolce Vita!

This is not a blog about the DG Wine Club (I know, it's disappointing. For those not in the loop, "La Dolce Vita" is the slogan on our shirts). This is about what a fabulous day today was, and how lucky we (those of us among the 18,537,969 people) are to live in Florida! Jack and I grabbed some cold waters, hopped in the truck (not a place for a Sonata; it's a trucks, boats & motorcycles only kinda place) and headed out to Haulover Canal today. The breeze was intoxicating (if you like boat fuel fumes and river water smells, which we do!), the sun was warm, the mosquitoes were almost non-existent, and the dolphin and manatee were a-playin'!

Our private "beach"! The guys next to us were just some good ole boys catchin' a few fish. Errr, mostly weeds, but they were enjoying themselves.

My guy doing what he loves, watching boats. There were quite a few out today, running the gamut from little camouflage fishing boats to yachts to a barge!

Just cool. That's all. : )

No, not a shark, just a dolphin havin' a ball!

Coast Guard barge that Jack said had channel markers on it. Oh, that's what those poles are for. Duh.

Aren't they awesome?! These guys were really having a good time. I literally could watch them for hours.

I said, "Tails up, fellas!" They're so smart.

I don't know that this is an official manatee "pod", but they do like to hang in groups. Very social, those sea cows.

Showoff! This dude (I'm assuming it was a male : ) rolled over as he came to the surface, crossed his little pectoral flippers, and smiled at the sky!

Soooo, it was a perfect day. We stopped and got KFC on the ride home (I know, I know, it's not healthy, organic or low fat, but it's kinda traditional to have KFC or BK after the beach. Since we only go once or twice a year, it's ok. Right?)

And a shout out to John Paul II on his beatification day! God is good!

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