Wednesday, May 4, 2011

No Whining Here!

I'm thinkin' this is gonna be my favorite new Vineyard. Is it because it has such a cute name? Maybe. Ok, probably. This Cupcake Vineyard Red Velvet was an impulse buy at the register the other night. Jack and I hit World Market to use my $10 off $30 purchase (alcohol excluded. Dang.), and of course ended up spending $55. *sigh* (please tell me you do this as well) Me and my coupons cost us a fortune. Anyhow, the label promised a heady nose of chocolate & blackberries, with a creamy mocha finish. Did it deliver? YES, IT DID! It really is smooth and lightly sweet, with a lovely ruby color. And you know by now I don't like sweet anymore, but this is different; wonderful aroma and just plain good. (I'm not getting any better at this "wine describing" stuff, am I?) This was the first time I had seen "Red Velvet" ~World Market, $9 on sale for $8. Even better : )

Bonus! This was tonight's dinner:

Oh. My. Gosh. It was fabulous. I've included the link (my girl, Ree), and I didn't change much of anything (I have a tendency to do that). I used light sour cream, fat free half and half, and the new olive oil mayo in the dressing. The corn is cut right off the cob (fresh, not cooked) and really "made" the salad. I usually use reduced-fat feta, but I forgot to pick it up at the store and Jack ran up to Publix for it last minute, so he got full-fat. There are so many flavors going on, reduced-fat would have been fine, but it was GOOD.

Ahhhh. Happy Wednesday!
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