Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Wind" Wednesday!

I know it's Wine Wednesday, but let's talk about this guy first....

Running down to the last minutes to get out of the house this morning for the foot doctor in Merritt Island, I dash into the spare room to finish getting dressed: throw stuff on the desk, turn around..."HELLOOOO!!!" What the heck? Jack wouldn't throw one of those rubber snakes down for me to find, would he? (especially not since I'd been in and out of this room numerous times this morning, long after he left for work. Duh.) This little fella was lost. Don't know how he got in here, but I was sure we both wanted him outside. I gingerly threw my towel over him, scooped him up, and while holding him wayyyy out in front of me, headed for the front door. WAIT! Not finished getting dressed. Back yard, it is! Don't let my bravery fool you; if this was a palmetto bug, I would've been screaming, shivering, dancing around, etc, but this guy I could handle. Oh well, better than finding a rattlesnake (Chris K) or a gator (as seen many times on local news) outside your door!

One more thing: a couple of us girls went to bingo last night at the Knights. It was insanity: Lyn: "What's that noise? It sounds like an oxygen tank. Is it the balls making that noise?" Me: "Umm, look to your left." (yep, someone on oxygen), while the lady behind us won SEVEN times (over $500), and way too much fun not to do again! So look out, K of C, next time there'll be even more of us! Especially when that cute guy in the baseball cap is the caller! (that would be Jack :)

See all the "Un-dobbed" numbers?! No cover-all for me.

And the wine?

Tonight's wine is: beer. Verrry good beer. We had it in Savannah, and when I sent a picture to Jax, he was super excited to know it was available there, as the distributors in this area are fighting to carry it. So the hunt was on to find it to bring home! It's malty & hoppy, named after the creator's bike trip from brewery to brewery through Europe. Heaven.

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