Sunday, May 22, 2011

Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil (Actually, less than 48 hours)

Road trip! We WERE heading to St. Simon's Island this weekend with our besties, but plans changed and we headed to Savannah (Umm, YAY!). The hotels outside of the city were much less expensive than ones downtown, so when hearing we would be at exit 102 in Pooler, GA, Jack and FooZer were both like, "Oh, wow! That's where the Mighty 8th Air Force Museum is!" REALLY?! WHO KNOWS THESE THINGS?! To which my first thought was, "Lord, please don't let me die of boredom." No. Really. (BUT, the restaurant in the museum is a 1940's style pub. Cool.) Turns out it was super interesting: I'm now up to speed in understanding the Brit's involvement in WWII (definitely a plus for the trip), spoke to some British visitors regarding weather over there right now, AND answered a trivia question at one of the talks! Yes, ME, I did! Anyway, here are some fun pics from the weekend : )

By the chapel on the grounds. Oh yeah, there are some planes there, too ; )

Obviously, a model of a bombing. Amazing stuff! Now off to Savannah!

At Rocks on the River at the Bohemian Hotel on the...river.

There's an awesome view from the restaurant/bar up top as well. Neat place! We didn't eat there as the menu was small & pretty pricey. And we were still full from lunch. And breakfast. And the great drinks that Jeff from "Pour Larry's" Bar set us up with right before this. (this picture has been extremely cropped, can ya tell?!)

A boat named "The Peacemaker" docked in port. It was owned and operated by some members of  The Twelve Tribes Community. Don't ask. The tour of the boat was free, which was within our price range.

Here we are again! Are you tired of us yet? See Mitch and Laura in the background?

It was reallllly hot, so we stopped for THE best ice cream on the planet. So far. Chocolate mocha with hot fudge, pecans and whipped cream. All sugar free. That's what I tell myself anyway.

Outside the Savannah College of Art & Design's Theater, next door to Leopold's. Hmm, that Manolo Blahnik...he's somebody...OH YEAH, he designs shoes! The ladies were all sporting some pretty cool footwear.

In to the cool of The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist for Saturday evening Mass. Thankfully, we were in church when it was "Rapture Time". We saw people looking at their watches right at 6:00. Besides us. Then, Westboro Baptist Church was protesting at the cathedral today. Sorry we missed them, for a number of reasons. -_-

Local wine from Meinhardt Vineyards. Jacks loves the peach wine, so we picked up some more to bring home. Since there's no glass allowed by the pool (which was wonderful after such a hot day), I chose a lovely waxed paper cup from the room. I'm 100% class.

Stopped and saw Mitch and Laura's beautiful grandbabies on the way home. What a grand weekend!

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