Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's Officially Summer!

Because I said so! I feel like this weekend really kicked off the next couple of busy, travel-packed months! So I kinda feel like a kid who's starting summer vacation. Off I go:

Our hotel in O'town. See the pretty red mesh bag on the bed? Contents: eyemask, lavender linen spray, and EARPLUGS. Did I take this as a sign of what could possibly lie ahead? Noooo, I just thought, "Wow, neat gift packet!" A hotel by railroad tracks and Interstate 4 = a rough night of sleep.

See?! Doesn't this look like fun?! I haven't been to a concert in a few years, and it was a blast! We saw the Plain White T's (think: Delilah, Rythm of Love, 1 2 3 4) and Parachute (She is Love, Something to Believe In), and both bands were great live. These feet, however, are not meant to stand for 6 hours on a wood/cement floor. Next time, concert venue with seats.

The party girls!

Great voice! And really cute guys for the younger set. : )

So after a fun night of music, yesterday was followed by PF Chang's and shopping. Then home to make antipasto salad for yet another (I know!) get-together. What can I say? We love to talk and eat.

I think this will be my new party dish. Lotsa Italian-ey veggies, meats and cheese with fresh dressing. Easy peasy.

THESE are some fun gals! We always have fun, especially with the Table Topics app, which can keep us talking forever. Beck's theme was bruschetta (crab, bacon/tomato & fontina, pesto, etc, yummm!) so we really went with all kinds of Italian stuff. Good thing I had veggies and brown rice for lunch! BEVI!

26 DAYS!

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