Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Big Al!

This is the kid who never stopped smiling...I swear he came out smiling; always happy, curious, and kind. He played Nintendo like at pro at age 2 (no kidding!); took things apart, and put them back together (most of the time!); we watched him experiment, set things on fire (while taking his own picture), and blow things up; he is our diplomat, always making peace in every situation, cooling down the hot tempers of his brother and sister. The kid you could always get to help, the one you could always count on, and definitely the one who could make you laugh. A kid you're proud to say you raised.

See what I mean?! (btw, this is his first haircut)

 Loving the outdoors, thanks to a wonderful Grandma & Grandpa, who took these kids on manyyyy hikes and outdoor excursions! (If I'm not mistaken, this shirt is from you, Lori Elder!)

Always a protective hand on his sister : ) In Dad's big truck, back in the 90's. 

Al's first vehicle of his very own, along with the payments that go with it! It still looks pristine to this day, and it's almost paid off!

My birthday boys today. Al turned 23 today, and Jack turns 48 tomorrow. I'm thinkin' Al was one of the best birthday gifts he got. : )

From boy scout, to altar server, to first chair trumpet, to Sacristan, to skydiver, to Publix' favorite baker, this guy has been a blessing...happy birthday Alex!

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