Monday, September 5, 2011

Dad ♥

Here's what I learned from my Dad: that cold peas taste really good, eaten right from the can. That yellow jackets love fresh pine. That I should wade in a creek whenever I get a chance. That Mom could find out anything. Work ethic. How to draw a dog from the outline of my thumb. That mashed potatoes are only good when they're "live". That walking everywhere is good for you. That oldest friends are the best friends. That beer is to be enjoyed every day. That he could wrestle a mad St. Bernard. That family comes first. Kindness. That the pink candy that tastes like Pepto Bismol is cheapest at Myer's. That no one will eat fruit until you cut it up. That when he loved you, it was unconditionally.

His favorites things were: fudge ripple ice cream, Schmidt's beer, Mom, McDonald's french fries, lumber, "boy scout" songs (Dad, they were Army songs!), vegetable gardening, walking, singing hymns, making Sunday breakfast, his Mom, being outdoors, laughing, getting his foot rubbed, and all of us. 

Dad was born in 1916, so he was 47 when I was born. I don't know how old he is here (the pic says 1924-26) but he looks like one of "Our Gang"!

Dad as a youngster, of course with a drink. I have another picture of him from this same night, with a bowl on his head. (the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...)

You can see why the ladies loved him! Check out those legs! I sure see Alex in Dad in this pic.

February, 1949. Always fit and trim. He never weighed more than 170-odd pounds his whole life. Dad, could I have gotten THAT gene?!

THIS is how I remember Dad. He had the best laugh and smile, and found humor in literally everything.
He had a really sharp wit and a dry sense of humor, so I'd like to think I got a little of that. He was very easy going, which tempered Mom's nature : ) 

So I'll sit here and hold his wallet for awhile, pull out his driver's license and Social Security card (issued 12-21-1936) and hear him like he was just here yesterday. "Ter, I'll never even make it to your graduation. If I do, your Mom'll roll me down the aisle in a wheelchair!" No way, Dad, not you. You saw my graduation, wedding, the birth of all three kids, plus 10 more years. How could I ask for more than that? ♥ 
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