Monday, September 26, 2011

English Food Faves, Part I (that includes Scotland)

I love looking back at all the pictures of this amazing trip! Sometimes I really can't even believe I did it; I actually traveled overseas (I'm not kidding, I hate flying) and visited, walked, ate, drank and marveled at the beauty of western Europe. Here are some of the foods I ate in England, Scotland and maybe Wales!

Fish n' chips and mushy peas. I had mushy peas for the first time in Delray Beach, FL, at a British pub called the Blue Anchor, but this time I was really in London, at the Brewmaster in Leicester Square. We met a nice fellow named Dennis there, who was from Belfast. He introduced us to our first taste of Irish whiskey! It was here that I also learned to order at the bar, as you don't get waited on in pubs. FUN!

In Chelsea, at a "mall" near our hotel. We stopped for dessert, but olives and cider sounded way better to me!

See that scarf? I literally wore it every was chilly!!! That'll teach me not to wear low necked shirts!

Lunch at Hampton Court Palace, home of Henry VIII. Beef pie, shaped like a crown! Cool, huh?!

Potato skins with "bacon" at another pub (The Mitre?) No, it's not really bacon, it's just what they like to call it. It's really thick slabs of meaty, ham-like stuff. I dunno, I think I'll stick with our version.

A cheese and pesto sandwich. They only serve fat potatoes with everything. And beer. Lots of beer. (which I struggled through, but managed ; )

Fish and potato cakes, another tasty, gastronomical treat. With a "side salad". Different, but good.

A grilled vegetable tart, topped with "rocket sprouts" (like arugula). Rocket was featured in many a dish (it especially topped sandwiches). Here, we're at yet another pub, the Conan Doyle. We were getting tired of eating at this point. But not tired of drinking! ; )

Famous gingerbread in the Lake District of England. It was chewy, had a crunchy topping (not sure what) and was fabulous! So was the town of Grasmere.

Finally! Bangers and mash! (unfortunately, this was in Ireland, I didn't have time to order it in England!) Liked the mash, liked the peas; the bangers, however, were deep-fried...eeek!

Are you full yet?! Next stop, Ireland!

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