Thursday, September 22, 2011

It Was an Emergency!!!

Thank the good Lord for besties! (Sorry, I'm watching Amy Farrah Fowler right now...) Sometimes it's necessary to have an emergency meeting of the Dolce Girls in between regular gatherings. Yesterday was only Wednesday, and it was already a longggg week; so with only a day's notice, these six die-hard gals answered the call! We called our meeting to order, and the fun began! (for us anyway, I kinda felt bad for the other customers! ; ) 

One guess as to who finished TWO Leoncito margaritas in 20 minutes (no, not me!)... another of us thinks all sweet cocktails are slurpees...and yet another is a margarita waster (lightweight!) Horrors!

A shared fried ice cream and flan. Uhhh, both were fabulous. Who doesn't like flan?! Oh yeah, Melissa and Annie, so I had their portion.

Annie taught us something new! It's a "trick" she picked up from her brothers. My brothers didn't know this one, but they would have loved it! It involves making a game out of noises that boys love. 'Nuff said.

This is Becky & Deb checking each other for sobriety! Thank goodness they passed! I think...Just kiddin'! These two are a riot!

We had a lot of fun ideas for this picture, but they all had the potential of getting us in trouble with the management, so we settled for this.

Ahhh, what a wonderfully fun night with great girls! Meeting adjourned!

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