Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Europe Food & Faves, Part I

I wanted to do a food blog from my visit to the UK and Ireland ever since I got home, but as I look through pictures tonight, I realize I won't do great justice to true European food. Actually, I don't think I even know what true European food is! (according to my friend, Brenda, whose husband is British, English food is quite bland and not so appealling) I think Doris and I ate mostly in chain restaurants (HORROR! Didn't find that out till I started to see the same menu in different cities), but it's really tough when you're on a tour, and kind of at the mercy of a schedule, with limited knowledge in local cuisine. I thought I was being adventurous, but now in looking back, not so much. Anywho, these two photos are from Chelsea, West London, England, where we stayed for four days, by the football stadium. It was a chic neighborhood, and we were very comfortable there. (the young British guy on the flight over said, "You'll like Chelsea, it's very posh!")

 Sainsbury's. Food, wines, clothing, and grocery items. I was actually looking for a jacket (since I left my BRAND NEW JACKET from Coldwater Creek on the back seat of the car when Jack dropped us off at the airport!) They had an awesome selection of wines, and I thought the fact that everything was in "pounds" was really cool. (duh, I was in ENGLAND!)

Union Market. THE coolest place. Within this market there was a barber, butcher, grocer, baker, wine shop, cheese shop and restaurant. The cheese shop also had barrels of olives, in different brines and spices. Mmmmm!

I don't think I gained toooo much weight in Europe, since we walked our butts off. I tried lots of fun and different things, and we'll "visit" them soon! : )
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