Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hooray for Hollywood!

It's all over but the partyin'! For me, anyway. Jack is out at the hall slicing, dicing, drinking, chopping, boiling, drinking, (just kidding!) and making the best darn prime rib ever! He is super meticulous about the order of preparation for the day, and was out there by 10:15 this morning. After all, he has a reputation to uphold! He plugs those ribs with TONS of fresh garlic and some secret spices, and they always turn out soooo delicious. Also on the menu: shrimp cocktail, salad, mashed potatoes, Val's now-famous freshly sauteed green beans, water rolls and cannoli. Yummmm! Here's how the hall turned out, thanks to alot of wonderful folks who came out to set up even though there was no pot luck last night to get them out there. They are troopers! (and a shout out to my peeps Foozer & Deb! ♥)  

The couples will get a photo snapped here by "paparazzi", our very own Alex H! Aren't the stars cool? They have the names of the charities on them. And thanks, Matt, for the stantions!

Movie posters from, $5 each. See the bathroom door (VIP Stage Door Entrance) in the background? ; ) We put a "Clark Gable star" on the floor in front of the men's room & a "Marilyn Monroe star" in front of the ladies room. If anyone still has to ask which is which (since "mens" & "ladies" is actually covered), I'm gonna...laugh, I guess!

The wall decorations are called "scene setters", and they're 30' long each. We used two, and it goes almost the length of the hall. If you were sitting at this table, wouldn't you feel like you were in Hollywood?!

The confetti is little stars, top hats, film, clap boards & movie reels. Thanks to Mom E. & Laura (Foozer), the mini "movie posters" are color copies of Mom's actual sheet music from back in the day!

A nice view of most of the hall. Thanks to everyone for helping to make the 30th Annual Charity Ball another success! Ummm, I hope...I'll let ya know tomorrow!

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