Friday, September 2, 2011

Who Needs Red Meat?

Apparently, WE do! We eat alot of meatless (and nearly meatless) meals, but steak sounded really good for tonight's dinner. Publix has tri-tip steak that is wonderful on the grill, and according to Brian, the larger cuts are awesome smoked, for barbeque. It's boneless and very lean, but still tender and very flavorful. Our favorite seasoning has always been McCormick's Montreal Steak, and it's fab on this particular meat. Along with corn on the cob, a fresh Mexican-flaired slaw, and these yummy smashed potatoes, it was a great way to kick off the holiday weekend!

Add a whole sprig of rosemary to the boiling potato water during the last 5 minutes. I removed it when I drained the potatoes, then mashed the taters and skins with a bit of butter, skim milk, sea salt, coarse ground pepper & garlic pepper (thanks Debbie!). Since the milk was fat free, I added a nice dollop of low fat sour cream ~ creamy and wonderful, with just a hint of the rosemary!

Jack took this pic of his grilled masterpiece. This man loves his steak! The bright light makes the meat look dry, but it's super juicy.

Enjoy your barbeques this weekend, too, and happy Friday!!! : )

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