Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wine-ding Down the Weekend...

Since we're "clients" of PRP Wine, we get invitations to customer appreciation tasting events. Ummm, OK! We're scheduled for another in-home tasting next month, so we were looking forward to this event to get an idea of what wines we may have at ours. We tried 13 wines in all (woo hoo!), from a sweeeeettt German Auslese (Jack & Debbie's fave), a semi-sweet Kabinett (which we both love), to a new-found favorite for me, Italian Sangiovese (which I had at dinner the other night and loved). We tried a rich, plummy dessert wine, Edelbereenlese (yum!) & a peppery, Chilean "bordeaux blend" that no one liked except Deb! (who really didn't find any that she didn't like : )
We learned that the protein in cheese softens the tannins in the dry reds; it actually creates a very different taste in a wine before and after a bite! Cool, huh? The last wine was a smoky Old Vine Shiraz, that tasted like it had been cooked over a campfire, and smelled like a butcher shop, but was surprisingly good! I'm really enjoying this!

Our free gift was a one pound box of Brix chocolates, made especially to compliment various wines. The little individual one had the potential of having a "golden ticket" inside for a trip to Germany, and so far no one at any of the tastings had won! Fingers slowly...nope, we didn't win either. But we got wine and chocolate, so it was a great day!  

Peter, own rep, took this photo for us: Melissa & Kenny, me, Debbie & Jack. Pretty much looks like Peter was the one drinking, doesn't it?! Melissa also won a bottle of a merlot blend as a doorprize. SCORE!
I've found lots of great info and food & wine pairings on

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