Thursday, September 1, 2011

If I Gotta Spend Time Here...

At least it's with peeps I love!!! I am NOT an independent exerciser. I need camaraderie and encouragement to get to the gym, or I probably wouldn't go (and someone who tells me I'm full of it when I said, "It's raining, we can't go to the gym tonight!" She texted back, "Bull****! 'I'm tired, I'm slow, I might slip walking! Oh, puleassse!' ") Thanks be the Lord for workout buddies; from Linds, to Jack, to Brian to Debbie to Carolyn to Becky, we all keep hangin' in there and going back for more. Jack and I had a nice talk with one of the instructors on Saturday, and he has come to the conclusion that us middle-agers are too stupid and stubborn to give up (it's ok, he's our age too!) Pretty accurate! I guess we all just want to be as healthy as we can for as long as we can. My "thing" is group fitness; there's no judgment in the room because everyone's too busy watching their own posture, flat backs, postioning, elbows toward the ceiling, etc. (don't hyper-extend your knees!), trying to do their best. Well...with rare exception, (like tonight) one of the regulars, referring to a "newbie" guy, said quietly to me, "Hee hee, he's using baby weights!" We got a good chuckle out of that, since we were both using double the weights and killin' it. Yay, us! He'll get there : )
The gym is pretty much a social club, isn't it? You start to see the same folks, make small talk, commiserate about being there, fuss about the tough trainers, share accomplishments, see old friends, make new friends. I love to see the older fellas on a bike, drinkin' a coffee, pedalling a good mile an hour, chatting with a friend. I can just hear it when they get home..."Yes, dear, I rode the bike for AN HOUR!" Sly dogs ; ) That's ok, that'll be us one day!

Worst picture ever, from Jack's iPhone. But the subjects are lovely! Rockin' our workout clothes and buddha bellies! LOL

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