Saturday, September 10, 2011

Please, Please, Please, Don't Let Us Need an New Air Conditioner!

Like Roseanne Roseannadana said, "It's always something! If it's not one thing, it's another." (or, your mother! thank you, Linda E!) Today, it was the air conditioner. Actually, it's been a problem all week, making weird noises and "draining water sounds", and crackling and groaning. My hero (that would be Jack) worked on it this morning before going out to spend the rest of his day at the Knights. (cooking for a wedding, which turned out to be the wedding of someone we know...congrats, Brad & Angie!) He did all the dirty and wet work (taking The Beast apart, pulling out the condenser, hosing all the gunk out & vacuuming it all back up) while I hold screws, get tools & flashlights, give moral support, and go to Home Depot. (hey, we all have our jobs!) It didn't help. So as I sit here in the "quiet", blogging, I'm trying to figure where a new ac unit will fit into the budget. Ugh. It won't. Fingers crossed....maybe it'll fix itself?!

It taunts me. It's making those noises right now, as I'm typing... -_-

Aaaaghhh...useless piece of *$#%!!! Ok. I feel better now.

On a side note: there's a free wine tasting (with free Brix chocolate, YaY!) in Cocoa Beach tomorrow. That usually makes things better! ; )
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