Saturday, September 24, 2011

Duck! Post #100, Comin' at Ya!

It's a 100th post! I'm excited, how 'bout you?! Jack & I had a fun get-together to go to tonight, but sinus bleck got in the way, and had me sleeping most of the day. I wasn't up to going; so instead of blogging pics later tonight of all the fun we had at Grillz with the gang, I'll show you what Jack, Alex, Jon & Todd did today. It was the first day of "early teal" season (I know this, as I've been a hunter's wife for about 8 seasons now), so the guys packed on their camo, loaded the boat with palm fronds and ammo, and headed undisclosed location. (These things are all secret; we wouldn't want anyone to know where the ducks are landing, so I don't think I'm at liberty to say. *sigh*)

The kill. I KNOW!!! What's good about this?! Poor little fellas, minding their own business, and BLAM! They had places to go! They had families! Shot down in the prime of their life. Again, *sigh*. But on the bright side, it's male bonding time and I get to sleep in and enjoy a quiet Saturday morning. (till they get home and all hell breaks loose...boat, shotgun & duck cleaning, lots of extra laundry, etc. They do it all, so I have nothing to complain about, I'm just sayin') Usually Mitch or Todd take the birds, but Al was set on making a nice meal out of them...

Duck Stir Fry! Although this won't be on my list of popular meals to re-make, he did a great job, and the duck was really tender. Apparently you can eat it medium-rare to well done, and the less done the more tender, which it was. Still tastes like liver to me, but the guys were happy!

See ya at #101 : )
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