Monday, September 19, 2011

Orange Chicken & Broccoli (after a successful weekend!)

What a great weekend! Wayyyy too fast, but busy and fun! Jack and the crew made a great meal; I'm partial to the guys on the far left and the far right : ) They had a full kitchen, and thanks go out to many folks, especially Paul and Val! Now to plan next year's theme...

Jack & Al with Mike & Jake.

As we leave the prime rib behind, tonight's dinner is Asian inspired. I've been craving Chinese food, so when I came home today to let the ac guy in, I found this in my recipe binder. The sauce is really good; the original recipe called for beef, but it came out tough, so I used chicken the next time and continue to use it.

Fresh ingredients make a delicious meal: ginger, garlic and orange peel. Freezing the ginger makes it easy to grate.

Fresh broc, cut into small florets. Steam (I don't cook it in the microwave, I use my little steamer basket) until bright green but still crispy.

Add pepper flakes and saute for about two minutes. Then finish the "sauce", and add the chicken and veggies.

The finished product! I skipped a few steps in the pics, but out check the recipe : )

Delish is one of my favorite recipe sites, hope you enjoy it too!
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