Thursday, March 3, 2011

Another Day Bites the Dust

Every day is a new beginning when you've constantly watched your weight. Today, I took Wheaties and fresh strawberries for breakfast. I'm making good choices, right? Then these beauties waltzed through the door. Janice promised earlier in the week to bring in a double batch to share, but I was hoping that she'd forgotten (obviously, no such luck) due to their diet busting properties. But, oh, pina colada cupcake, you were SO worth every gram of high fructose corn syrup and trans fat (cue self-loathing). So, I skipped the Wheaties and milk (no sense adding more unnecessary calories), especially when I was taking Brian out for his birthday lunch. So later, when I scanned the menu at Portofino for something "fresh & healthy" (in my mind) I came up with a grilled veggie wrap (YUM!), and only ate half. That's good, too, right?! Oops, maybe not the mozzarella. Crap, I forgot about the oil (on my behalf, I DID request "Light on the oil, please", but maybe she knew I really didn't mean it). To "make up for it", I hit Power Hour and honestly worked out extra hard. But dinner was a Spanish Tortilla and Alex (and Publix's) five grain bread that turned out super tasty. *sigh* There's always tomorrow. I knew I shouldn't have eaten the strawberries.
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